Post-Keynesians And Others

That is the title of Chapter 1 (by John E. King) of this book which has just come out.

The Routledge website is here.

I just got the book and flipped through to come across this at the beginning of Frederic Lee’s article (Chapter 6):

HETERODOX CRITIC: We want to change heterodox economics.

HETERODOX ECONOMIST: What kind of change are you talking about?

HETERODOX CRITIC: The kind that does not mess with the mainstream status quo.

Matias Vernengo had a post a while ago (when the book was finalized) and it has links to articles by Marc Lavoie and Fred Lee (quoted above).

I found this reference to an article by Fischer Black in Marc Lavoie’s article in the book. It was written in 1970:

click to view the pdf file

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