Join, Or Die. aka “I Want Europe”

Join, Or Die by Benjamin Franklin (Source: Wikipedia)

It is possible – in my opinion – that the September Constitutional Court Ruling in Germany may indicate that Germany should move toward a European Integration where European nations surrender powers to the European Union. Angela Merkel has been pushing for this but her critics argue that this is a surrender of sovereignty. They should realize that by giving the power to make a draft at their central bank, European governments have already given up their sovereignty – but without any central government to whom this is entrusted. The integration is a right move in that direction.

However, there is a general lack of trust and this has to be created – else there is no solution to than a breakup with unknown consequences.

Hence Merkel is launching a campaign “I Want Europe”.

Interesting reads on the future of Europe:

The Man At The Heart Of The European Economic Storm (Irish Times article on Wolfgang Schäuble)


A crucial difference lies in their political styles: while Merkel bases her euro zone strategy on an emotionless, cold-eyed analysis of Europe’s future – unite or die in a globalised world – Schäuble makes the same argument with a passionate eye on the past.

Full Interview


Q:  At some point it will come to a referendum in Germany on greater European integration. Are you concerned that, by then, German critics of your crisis strategy will have poisoned enough of public opinion here to torpedo the project?

A:  We might need a referendum at some point because it’s in our constitution that, when we transfer considerable parts of our sovereignty to the EU, Germans will at that point have to give themselves a new constitution. When that day comes we will have to lead a big campaign and I am confident we have a good chance it will go well. Germans are in general very pro-European. But it’s not a question of now.

Merkel Joins Lahm, Schmidt In Campaign To Promote Europe (Bloomberg)

Merkel Launches New Pro-EU Campaign (Sky News)

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