How To Find Nicholas Kaldor’s Works

The only truly exogenous factor is whatever exists at a given moment of time, as a heritage of the past.

– Nicholas Kaldor, 1985

That’s my favourite all time quote.

I got myself Kaldor’s lecture series Raffaele Mattioli Lectures in a book titled Causes Of Growth And Stagnation In The World Economy today.

Cover picture taken from my iPhone:

It has Kaldor’s biography by the one and only one Anthony Thirlwall (which is also available separately as a book but reproduced in this book) and a bibliography of Nicholas Kaldor compiled by Ferdinando Targetti.

Another biography is by John E. King, titled Nicholas Kaldor. It also has a lot of articles by Kaldor in the references section and is an excellent book.

Targetti has also written a biography – published in 1992 [which I just ordered on!]

Luigi Pasinetti has a small biography of Kaldor in Keynes And The Cambridge Keynesians: A Revolution In Economics To Be Accomplished.

Of course – if you are highly interested in Monetary Economics – you simply shouldn’t miss The Scourge Of Monetarism.


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