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Endogeneity, Exogenous, Et Cetera

4 May 2013

Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi have a very interesting article Endogenous Money: The Evolutionary Versus Revolutionary Views in the Review Of Keynesian Economics. I think it was written many years back and was in an unpublished form and has been published now. It is a nice critique of views of some Post-Keynesians such as Victoria Chick and also […]


Margaret Thatcher’s Gigantic Con Trick

8 April 2013

There have been too many praises for Mrs Thatcher after her death today. Wynne Godley once described the Thatcher “miracle” as a gigantic con-trick. Here is from a newspaper article: I regard the Thatcher miracle as a gigantic con-trick. Almost every major indicator – output, unemployment, industrial investment, and the balance of payments has performed […]


Recommended Readings

28 May 2012

The crisis has a lot of connections with the way Macroeconomics was done in the 1970s and this interests me a lot. Of course the equally important reason was that Nicholas Kaldor and Wynne Godley were highly involved in the public discussions. Here are some books I collected which have special importance to the Cambridge […]


G&L’s Monetary Economics – Second Edition

15 April 2012

I got my copy of Monetary Economics by Wynne Godley and Marc Lavoie yesterday. I know some people were waiting for the second edition of the book, and had postponed their purchase to get the newer edition – so they can get it now! There aren’t any changes in this edition – except for correction […]


Open Mouth Operations

5 April 2012

In the previous post Is Paul Krugman A Verticalist?, I discussed the confusions economists and market commentators have on open market operations. Even top economists such as Krugman suffer from confusions on central banking and monetary matters. I also mentioned the work of Alfred Eichner on bringing out more clarity on the defensive nature of […]


Martin Wolf Pays A Generous Tribute To Anthony Thirlwall

20 February 2012

Readers of this blog will notice how I attach special importance to the balance of payments in telling the story of how economies work. In a recent blog post Can one have balance of payments crises in a currency union? at FT, Martin Wolf refers to the work of Anthony Thirlwall – who has made great contributions to the […]


Imbalances Looking For A Policy

14 February 2012

… and not Infernal Muddles Readers of this blog may be aware of my fanhood for Wynne Godley and the title of this post is from a paper by him from 2004, although it was US-centric. This post is on imbalances in the Euro Area. Wynne had not only always foreseen crises, but also knew […]


Macdougall Report

15 December 2011

Charles Goodhart and Dirk Schoenmaker just released their article on a game plan for saving the Euro, which is approaching its endgame. According to them, An EZ Minister of Finance without money is like an emperor without clothes. There are proposals to have tax capacity capable of funding a budget of about 2% of European […]


Same Old, Same Old

2 December 2011

John Cassidy of The New Yorker comments on the failed austerity policies in the UK: During the past eighteen months, a callow and arrogant Chancellor of the Exchequer, empowered by a hands-off Prime Minister and backed by the bulk of the country’s financial and media establishment, has needlessly brought Britain to the brink of another recession […]


Commonsense Route To A Common Europe

22 September 2011

If you read my posts or look at the “Tag Cloud” on the right, you will recognize what a big fan of Wynne Godley I am :-). Above is an Observer article from 1991. Click the newspaper clip to enlarge. Quoting from the end of the article: If we are to proceed creatively towards EMU, […]