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Disappointing Start, Mr. Bernanke

30 March 2015

Ben Bernanke has a new blog at Brookings. In his second post, Why are interest rates so low?, Bernanke “explains the rationale behind the Federal Reserve’s continued policies”. We should be thankful to Bernanke for his leadership qualities to have kept interest rates low to help the world economy recover from a crisis. The latest […]


Anthony Thirlwall’s New Book On Keynesian And Kaldorian Economics

28 January 2015

During the global economic and financial crisis Keynes became popular again but Nicholas Kaldor’s ideas and the mention of the man himself didn’t take off as much. It’s unfortunate, as Kaldor played a huge role in the development of Keynesian economics itself. Kaldor’s own ideas are a subject of its own. Anthony Thirlwall is releasing […]


John Maynard Keynes: Life, Ideas, Legacy

7 November 2013

Described as “Award-winning documentary about Keynes by Professor Mark Blaug, which received a Silver Medal at the New York Film and Television Festival circa 1988.” on the University Of Cambridge page of the video: There’s also a book by Mark Blaug by the same title. (h/t Louis-Philippe Rochon and Anas Abd Jalil on Facebook)


Mr. Keynes

15 September 2012

I found this cartoon (via Facebook) today. The cartoon’s original location is here.


Kaldor On Keynes

10 May 2012

Good read on the Keynesian principle of effective demand and the practice of Keynesianism till it was abandoned using faulty reasoning in the 70s and 80s. Nicholas Kaldor from 1983:


Separated at Birth? The Twin Budget and Trade Balances

20 September 2011

The International Monetary Fund, IMF has one full chapter devoted to the subject of “twin deficits” in their latest issue of World Economic Outlook. The subject of “twin deficits” is full of complications and can invoke the deepest emotions from economists. Naively, the argument goes as follows: The “three financial balances” identity can be written as NAFA […]