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Random Tidbits On National Accounts And Keynesian Models Of Income And Expenditure

13 December 2012

I came across this article (via a Tweet from Stephen Kinsella): Accounting As The Master Metaphor Of Economics by Arjo Klamer and Donald McCloskey which discusses how the framework of national accounts has been pushed to the background in economic analysis over the years. It is a nice read – although boring in a few places. I […]


Seven Unsustainable Processes – Original

18 April 2012

Of all the economists, Wynne Godley had the rarest of rare ability to model and imagine the economic dynamics of the whole world. “… a full macroeconomic model in his head, which, by some sort of subconscious process, he computed.” as his obituary from FT said. In the recent INET conference paper, Dirk Bezemer discusses Wynne […]


Net Worth: Part 2

16 February 2012

A commenter on my post on Net Worth asked me if I could do an example. Here it goes. First I do it as done by national accountants as per 2008 SNA – the System of National Accounts and then by the method used by the Federal Reserve’s Z.1 Flow of Funds Accounts. The example is from a […]


Income And Expenditure Flows And Financing Flows

13 February 2012

In the previous two posts, I went into a description of the transactions flow matrix and the balance sheet matrix as tools for an analytic study of a dynamical study of an economy. During an accounting period, sectors in an economy are making all kinds of transactions. These can be divided into two kinds: Income […]