October 2011

Nice Charts From Martin Wolf Again

18 October 2011

Martin Wolf wrote a new article There is no sunlit future for the euro for FT and it has nice graphs.


Steve Keen Debunking Economics Again

15 October 2011

Updated: 14 April 2012 at 3:30pm GMT (Broken Link Corrected) Very nice interview of Steve Keen. I have some issues when he gets technical, but other than that, he is very good at debunking economics, so I like him. “Tyler Durden” also covers the video at Zero Hedge and quotes a part of the video: fundamentally neoclassical […]


Maastricht And All That

5 October 2011

Wynne Godley wrote an article in the London Review of Books in 1992 commenting on how and why the idea of a European Monetary Union is doomed to fail. LRB today removed the “paywall” so that the article is accessible to everyone. By request, we’ve removed the paywall for Wynne Godley’s essay on the euro: […]